SpireMag Series MAG888 high-performance Magnetic Flowmeter

Magnetic Flow Meters, Liquid Flow Meter, Flow Totalizer Meter

SpireMag Series MAG888 high-performance magnetic flowmeter accurately measures the flow volume of any conductive liquids, such as water, salt water, sewage, pulps, slurry, acid, alkali, or, any mixtures of liquids and solids which have a specific minimum of electric conductivity. SpireMag Series MAG888 has been widely used in municipal, wastewater treatment, irrigation,chemicals, as well as industrial liquid processes.

Besides the high accuracy full-bore magmeters, at Spire we also offer insertion magnetic flowmeters, battery-powered magmeters, GSM/GPRS wireless magmeters, high accuracy magnetic BTU meters and more.

Compared with other measurement methods, MAG888 electromagnetic flowmeter offers the following particular advantages:

  • No moving parts to wear and tear
  • Short straight-pipe run required, thus, suitable for any desired installation location
  • Plug and play. All parameters are pre-configured in factory
  • Large turndown ratio, 1200:1
  • No pressure loss
  • Optional HART communication interface
  • Self-diagnosing capability to minimize operational downtime

Features & Benefits

  • Plug and play
  • No moving parts
  • Requires minimumstraight pipe run
  • Rich communication outputs
  • Standard 0.5% accuracy
  • Totalizers for positive, negative, and net flow
  • Separate model available for high accuracy and high performance
  • Measure instantly after installation as the unit parameters are pre-configured in factory.
  • Enjoy installation flexibility as the MAG888 requires minimal straight run piping.
  • Measure clean liquids as well as mixtures of solids and liquids with conductivity as low as 5 μS/cm.
  • Reduce maintenance costs, specifically from debris/particle damage, as there are no moving components.
  • Reduce response time and proactively monitor applications using 4-20mA, pulse, MODBUS, HART, and RS232/RS485.
  • Minimize operational downtime with a self-diagnosing capability.
  • Choose from a wide range of meter sizes, from DN15 - DN2000 (½" - 80") to tackle any application.


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MAG888 High Performance Magnetic Flowmeter

  • Accuracy: ±0.5% of reading. ±0.3% is available upon request.
  • Damping Time Constant: 0~100s (90%) selectable.
  • Display and Buttons: Large LCD display with backlight. Display the instantaneous flow, total flow, and alarm.
  • Totalizer: Three built-in totalizers: forward flow totalizer, reverse flow totalizer and net totalizer.
  • Output Signals:
    1. Analog output: Bi-directional, isolated 0~•10mA/4~20mA. Load resistor: 0~1.5ΚΩ for 0~10mA, 0~750Ω for 4~20mA
    2. Frequency output: Forward & reverse flow output with the frequency range of 1~5000Hz. The external voltage must be lower than 35V and the max output current must be 250mA when the transistor is turned on.
    3. Alarm output: Two isolated Open Collector Transistor (OCT) outputs for alarm signals. The external voltage must be lower than 35V and the max output current must be 250mA when the transistor is turned on. Alarm will be activated when the pipe is empty, the excitation circuits are broken or the volume of flow rate exceeds the value of designed limits.
    4. Pulse output: the OCT circuit is used for forward or reverse flowrate output. The upper frequency of the output pulse can be up to 5000cp/s. The relevant value of pulse is from 0.0001 to 1.0m3/cp. Pulse width can be set to 20ms or 50% occupancy. The external voltage must be lower than 35V and maximum output current must be 250mA when the transistor is on.
  • Communication: RS232C, RS485 or HART Communication selectable.
  • Power Failure: An anti-failure clock is built into the flow meter, which can save the power failure records for 16 times.
  • Protection Class
    1. For electronic box: IP65 (outdoor)
    2. For sensor: IP65 (outdoor) or IP68 (submersible, only for remote type)
  • Nominal Pressure: 0.6~4.0MPa
  • Lining Material: Rubber, PTFE, Polyurethane, PFA
  • Electrode Type: General type, scraper type or replaceable type
  • Electrode Material: 316L SS, Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, Titanium, Tantalum, Platinum-iridium
  • Medium Temperature:
    1. Integral type:-10°C~+80°C
    2. Remote type: Neoprene & Polyurethane Liner -10°C~+80°C; PTFE, PFA, F46 Liner -10°C~+160°C
  • Ambient Temperature: -25°C~+60°C
  • Ambient Humidity: 5~100%RH (relative humidity)
  • Medium Electrical Conductivity: ≥15us/cm standard. ≥5us/cm upon request
  • Measuring Range: 1500:1, flow rate≤15m/s
  • Structure Type: Integral type, remote type, submersible type, ex-proof type