Wall Mount

Ultrasonic Flowmeters

Wall-mount Ultrasonic Flowmeter – EF40

A member of the EnduroFlow™ Series, the EF40 Ultrasonic Flowmeter is the first member of the 4th generation ultrasonic flow meters from Spire Metering. Compared with its predecessors, the 4th generation flowmeters feature advanced multi-frequency flow measurement technology, thus, offering wider pipe size coverage, better accuracy and richer features.

The EF40 ultrasonic flowmeter is designed to be installed at a fixed location for long-term flow measurement on a closed pipe, carrying pure liquids or liquids with some suspended particles. EF40 can be equipped with clamp-on or wetted (insertion or flow-cell) type transducers to meet various application challenges.

  • Signal Quality Tracking

    EF40 flowmeter utilizes cutting-edgetechnologies such as advanced transducer design, low voltage transmission, digital signal processing, self adaptation, and more, to achieve high performance. Its proprietary quality tracking mechanism analyzes the quality of the received signal and automatically tunes the meter system to its optimized condition. This mechanism leads the system to be easily adaptable to pipe material variations and liquid property changes.

  • Multi-frequency

    EF40 main unit can be programmed to operate at 0.5MHz, 1MHz or 2MHz frequency. Together with transducers of compatible frequency, EF40 is able to measure flow on pipes from DN20 (3/4”) up toDN3000 (120”) with various pipe materials.

  • Transducer Pairing and Wetted Calibration

    As QUALITY is of crucial importance, all transducers are carefully paired, and all flowmeters are wet-calibrated on the flow loop in the factory to further ensure the system accuracy and reliability.

Features & Benefits

  • No moving parts to wear and tear. No maintenance required
  • NIST-traceable factory calibration
  • Multi-frequency system. Able to work reliably in a widepipe size range
  • Able to measure thermal energy and temperature with BTU measurement option
  • Suitable for pure liquids and liquids with some particles. No dependency on conductivity
  • Compatible with various types of transducers:
    = Clamp-on transducer: non-contact, non-invasive, easy and economical installation, no pipe working
    = Insertion transducer: robust, excellent long-term stability, hot-tapping installation, no need to shut down the flow
    = Flow-cell transducer: most accurate and robust. Plug and play. Excellent long-term performance
  • Large storage data logger for recording flow, temperature, status, and more
  • Communication: RS485/MODBUS. Optional BACnet/ MSTP, GPRS, RF wireless
  • IP65 protection


  • Water/Wastewater
  • Hot/Chilled Water/Mixture of Water and Glycol in HVAC systems
  • Chemical Liquids and Solvents
  • Petroleum Products
  • Oil/Crude Oil/Fuel Oil/Diesel/Lubricant Oil/Hydraulic Oil
  • Water management in buildings, metropolitans, water/ wastewater treatment plants, irrigation systems, and more
  • Suitable for pure liquids and liquids with some particles. No dependency on conductivity
  • Flow monitoring and control in desalination plants, steel plants, power plants, machining plants, pump stations
  • Liquid process control in chemical plants and industrial automation
  • Retrofit capability, to upgrade or augment existing systems
  • Automated batching and scheduling
  • Efficiency monitoring and improvement of liquid-based heating/cooling systems, including solar/geothermal systems
  • Beverage, food and pharmaceutical processors where non-contact is essential